Valparaíso | Chile

Hello from Valparaiso,

I spent three nights, four days exploring the colourful city of Valparaíso, and it really did live up to my high expectations.

How to get to Valparaiso

I travelled to Valparaiso from Santiago via bus with the bus company Turbus. You catch the bus from  the bus station – Terminal de Le Alemeda in Santiago, you can get here by taking the Metro to the univerisdad de Santiago. The bus took 1 hour 45 minutes, and cost 3000 Chilean pesos – around £3.70.

Once you reach Valparaiso, it’s only a short walk into the centre of the town, and there are many places to stay, including quirky hostels and boutique hotels. I’d like me your hostel is the other side of town to the bus station, the taxis are very reasonably priced, or you can take the iconic trolley bus which runs on a loop around the city. The cost of this is 270 Chilean pesos – around 33 pence.


Where to Stay and What to Do in Valparaiso

I stayed in two hostels in Valparaiso, the first Escarabajo, and the second was La Casa Azul. Both had amazing and friendly staff.

The first thing I did in Valparaiso was take the free walking tour at 3pm around the city run by tours4tips. This was a good tour, they take you on the trolley bus, and up a short fennicular lift, they also provide an Alfojoror biscuit. I liked that the tour was 3 hours and covered enough of the city for you to find your barings, however I would have liked some more historical information on the city.

I took another tour in Valparaiso; the street art tour. This is much smaller, and clearly not as popular as the tips4tours walking tour, however I thought it was superb, our guide Eddie was from NYC and clearly extremely passionate about graffiti and street art. It runs from the Neptune statue at 3:30pm and also 10:30am. They show you all of the best street art, and also take you on the fennicular lift. I highly recommend this tip based tour.

The views on the hills of Valparaiso are amazing, and I took some time to walk around the city and up the many stair cases to explore these views.

At the top of the Ricardo de Ferrari hill or the Cerro Bellavista hill, you will find the La Sebastiana (casa de Neruda Pablo), this is one of the three houses of the famous poet Pablo Neruda. This charming house, is so significant in Chilean history, I felt privilaged to explore it and the views are beautiful. The cost to enter the house is 7000 Chilean peso, around £8.70. Although the grounds and gardens are free to enter. The house admission includes an Audi guided phone in your preferred language and takes you on a tour though he house. You cannot take photos inside the house, only out of the windows.

Valparaiso is stunning, has great night life and is full of world reknowned street art.

Love B x

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