Luna Park NYE | Sydney

Where should you watch New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney?

While there are plenty of spots in Sydney to choose from to view the New Year’s Eve fireworks, you won’t find a more fun venue to spend the evening than Luna Park!


Up until the 30th of December I still hadn’t decided how I was going to ‘do the fireworks’! I was starting to worry and really didn’t want to head to a spot at a ridiculous time in the morning and sit stuck to said spot for 12-16 hours!! There were various points along the harbour that I was considering, one was Mrs Macquarie’s point (free and no booking required), another was Strickland house, as this as further away and would give a more panoramic view of the fireworks all the way down the water!

My friend Kate whom I studied with at university, just so happened to also be in Sydney for New Years Eve! I met Kate and her partner Luca on New Year’s Eves eve in coogee beach for a coffee and discovered they also had no plans, we mulled it over and agreed that perhaps a good spot would be Luna Park! Officially called the ‘Harbour Party‘ We checked what sort of view we might get, we checked the opening times, and we checked the price! We were unsure if we wanted to pay the hefty £100 price tag that came along with the tickets, it was a glorious day and we decided that we’d take a stroll along the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk and if we still wanted to attend the harbour party when we reached Bondi we’d go ahead and book tickets!

Bondi pano

After a lovely day swimming in the various beaches on the walk and enjoying a cold beer as a reward at Bondi beach we decided we should go for it and Luca booked three tickets that evening!

So we had a venue to watch the fireworks!

What is Luna Park?

Luna Park is an amusement park, located on the northern shore of Sydney on Milsons Point. With 23 rides currently advertised, and various sideshow games and food outlets this colourful, fun fair themed Park is fun for all.

Useful information about the Harbour Party Event.

Dress Code

There is no dress code at Luna park, although closed shoes are required for some of the rides, they recommend something comfortable.

Over 18 event only, no children allowed.

There is no re-admittance to the park, once you enter you are unable to leave and re-enter!

Identification – we were told on arrival of a strict identification policy and for all foreign attendees only a passport would be accepted!!

Opening hours at Luna Park New Years eve Fireworks

6:30pm – 3:00am however collection of tickets is available as early as 3:00pm.


Pricing and ticket types 2017/2018 Luna Park Fireworks

There were five types of tickets offered for this years event, four types of vip; Palais VIP, Deck VIP, Sonar VIP, Diamond VIP,and also general admission.

The pricing for New Year’s Eve at Luna Park is dependent on time of purchase, the tickets are released in three tiers and the earlier you purchase the better price you secure.

Tier One: $129 AUD

Tier Two: $149 AUD

Tier Three: $169 AUD

VIP tickets : from $219 AUD to $579 AUD

New Years Eve

fireworks new years sydney

So Me, Kate, Luca and my pal Lauren who also decided our plan was good, headed over to north Sydney by bus and then train to milsons point station. It was really quiet in the city because everything was closed! We decided to meet and travel to Luna park quite early because we had heard that public transport can get quite jammed up! We got to Luna Park around 3:30pm (three hours before the gates opened) we promptly headed to collect our tickets, however unknown to Kate and Luca, a valid passport was required to gain entry! Myself and Lauren had ours with us, but Kate and Luca didn’t – luckily there was plenty of time for Luca to head back to their accommodation and collect his and Kate’s passports! He also reappeared with a cold beer for each of us! Every cloud has a silver lining!

The entrance to Luna park started to fill up as 6:30pm approached, we sat on the floor nearby the entrance whilst we waited. At 6:30pm the opened the doors and we exchanged our tickets for a wristband, no one checked our passports! Luca wasn’t stoked!

Heading into Luna Park we were welcomed by performers dressed up and on stilts, also by the usual colourful and themed fun fair style adventure park. We headed to the area in which we would watch the fireworks from to check our view and already despite being amongst the first in we noticed that at least four or five groups had large blankets and had laid them at the very front of the viewing area we quickly laid some jackets down ourselves!

We then took it in turns in pairs to explore the park! There was a surprising amount of rides inside, including bumper cars, a waltzer style ride, a high drop ride and a ghost house, there was also some quite big rides in which me and Kate went on. There was also the infamous Ferris wheel!



There is food available within Luna Park, and unfortunately you are not permitted to bring in your own! The queues were pretty hideous for the food stores and bar! You could get a meal for $10-$15 AUD and a small 330ml Corona or wine was $10 AUD.

The Fireworks

We made some new friends whilst waiting from about 8:30pm for the fireworks, as we had reserved our spot – it became more and more difficult with the crowd thickening in the viewing area by the water to move around and after 10pm I think it would have been very difficult to make it back to our friends.

Our firework crew increased as the evening went on and made some new friends!

The 9pm fireworks kicked off and got everyone excited! If you time it right you can be on the Ferris wheel for these, which I imagine would be very nice! I wouldn’t risk it for the midnight ones, but there were people on it at midnight.

The next couple of hours went by quite nicely, we chatted with our new friends and got ready. As the countdown approached, Luna Park advised the time and played some music!

There was a big countdown from 60 seconds! And the harbour bridge let off small red fireworks for the last ten seconds of the countdown.

The fire works were absolutely incredible. I had a perfect view of the Sydney opera house and also the harbour bridge, thank you Rachel and Leon for budging up so much. Luna park played Macklemore and Ed Sheeran and it was perfect.

It was a little strange when the first minute of fireworks went off, I was completely surrounded by people in every direction, but there was a definite focus on recording videos and snapping photos to the point where it was completely silent around us.

The fireworks had a very colourful theme, the rainbow fireworks celebrations Australians recent vote for marriage equality. Featuring Eight Tonnes of fireworks including a rainbow waterfall and 30’000 shooting comets, Costing $7million AUD and lasting 12 minutes.


I was worried that they’d be underwhelming after waiting for hours for them but it was the total opposite and I felt so humbled and so overwhelmed by the beauty of the harbour and the iconic fireworks! It was amazing.

The Party

We spent the next 20 minutes queuing for the toilets, and then we got a beer and headed for the Ferris wheel! After a 30 minute or so wait we were spinning around with lovely aerial views of the harbour and Luna park itself

The ride queues were open until 1am, there were dj’s playing at an inside venue but that was actually empty as there was also a dj outside and everyone including us had a dance in the street!

We left Luna park at around 2am as we’d been advised of a possible rush at both midnight when people left after the fireworks and also at 3am when the park closed.

There were plenty of trains and also buses to get us home to coogee at this time, I was surprised and really impressed how easy it had been. With 4500 extra services running in Sydney to accommodate all of the spectators.

If you are organised and have the luxury of booking a free or cheaper venue with just as good a view, that’s perfect! If you are like me and leave it to the last minute and Luna Park has tickets available! I would certainly go for it! It was a lot of fun, something different and on the whole a really good event.

If you are unsure wether you want to be in Sydney for the NYE fireworks, I would whole heartedly recommend it! After attending I now understand why it is world renowned. It was an amazing evening, and really was a spectacular display.

Happy New Year Everyone,

Love B x

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