Basic Spanish Language Skills

The more I travel the more I wish I could speak a second language! and it is now a goal of mine to learn to speak Spanish!

Are you booked to head off to South America, Spain or the Caribbean? Then why not learn the basics –  it will be a big help!

Where to start?! I personally used an audiobook, my job requires me to travel a lot, so I made the most of this time practising and learning whilst I travelled listening in the car. I would recommend downloading or buying ‘Learn Spanish’ with Paul Noble. I purchased using Amazons Audible service. (£7.99 per month – I redeemed the book and then cancelled the subscription saving myself some money off the rrp) this really helps with the basics and also to teach in a none repetitive way, aiding you to understand and remember not to just learn and repeat.

Also the Google Translate App is a life saver – just remember to download the language you need, so if you have no signal it can still help you out!

If you are more academic once you are a little practised the practice makes perfect – Dorothy Richmond Language have great exercises in, download the basic spanish pdf here for free, or purchase the paperback here.

Some Common Words and Phrases to get you started:

Spanish Greetings 

Hola – simply meaning Hello or Hi

Buenos Dias – Good Morning

Buenos Tardes – Good Afternoon

Beunos noches – Good Night

Cómo Estás? – How are you?

Cómo se llama? – What is your name?

De Donde Eres? – Where are you from?

No puedo hablar español – I cannot speak Spanish

Excuse Me

Disculpe – Excuse Me

Con Permise – With your permission

Perdon – Pardon

Passe – Pass

Por Favour – Please

Thank you – Gracias

Usted Hablas Ingles? – Do you speak English?


Donde – Where

Como – How

What – Que

Why – Por que

When – Cuando


Donde esta la – Where is the…

Supermercado – Supermarket

Playa – Beach

Aeropuerto – Airport

Restaurante – Restaurant

Estacion de Tren – Train Station

Estacion de Autobuses – Bus Station

Centro de la Ciudad – City Center

Tienes un Mapa – Do you have a map


Ayuda, he perdido a mis amigos – Help I have lost my friends

Ayuda Me han robado – Help I have been robbed

ayuda, Necesito un doctor – Help I need a doctor

Ayuda, Estoy perdido – Help I am lost

llamar a la policía – Call the Police

Es Una Emergencia – It is an Emergency

Estoy enfermo – I am unwell


Cuanto Es – How much does it cost

Eating and Drinking

Tienes un Menu – Do you have a menu

Yo Soy Alergico – I am allergic

Yo Soy Vegetariano – I am vegetarian

Con – With

Sin – Without

Soy Vegano – I am Vegan

Cafe con Leche – Coffee with Milk

Desayuno – Breakfast

Almuerzo – Lunch

La cena – Dinner

Aqua – Water

Comer – To Eat

Beber – To Drink

Para me/Para usted – For me/For you

Salud – Cheers


Hasta Luego – See ya Later

Hasta Manyana – See you Tomorrow

Ciao/Adios – Bye


Good Luck! Love B x



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