Hobbiton | New Zealand

Experience the real Middle-earth™ with a visit to the Hobbiton™ Movie Set, the bucolic setting for The Shire™ that featured in the Peter Jackson directed films, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies. 


Well… Hobbiton – It is simply amazing! I for one did not want to leave – ever.

I was super lucky and got to visit Hobbiton whilst travelling on the North Island of New Zealand with my Brother Sam, who is a rather big LOTR fan. We watched the Triology whilst in Hot Water Beach we rented the three films for $2nzd  – stoked. So we were fully prepped for our Hobbiton Visit!

Now, I don’t want to reveal too much about the Movie set as I wouldn’t want to ruin for you because it is so great. But I thought id post my photos, recommendation and a brief overview of what to expect. Basically if you are considering Hobbiton and you like LOTR then yes – go go go.

Tour Types and Pricing for Hobbiton

Various Hobbiton Tours are available, with different departure locations including Rotorua $118, Matamata $84 and the Shires Rest $84, you can also opt for a private tour $750.00 for a group of 4, up to 2 additional people cost $84.00pp. For Full details check the Hobbiton Website which is full of really useful info. Standard departures are from 9:30am – 3:30pm with some extra slots at certain times of the year.

Do you need to book Hobbiton

Yes, I would absolutely recommend booking your Hobbiton Movie set tour.  The tours can book up in advance and you could end up waiting hours for a slot if get one at all, you can book online or give them a call – (07) 888-1505.


What sort of tour is Hobbiton

You may or may not know that a visit to Hobbiton includes a ‘guided’ walking tour, you will be accompanied on a two hour conveyor belt style tour through the Alexander Family sheep farm where Hobbiton is located. Sadly, as much as we would all love to, it is limited in time and you cannot spend endless hours roaming though Hobbiton taking unlimited selfies and chilling in Hobbit houses, however you do get to enjoy a visit to the world-famous Green Dragon™ Inn and receive a complimentary beverage (ale, ginger beer or cider).

Food at Hobbiton

As well as a drink, you can get some pretty good snacks at the green dragon inn, there is also a cafe in the Shires Rest next to the Ticket Office.

Where Is Hobbiton

Hobbiton is located at 501 Buckland Road, Hinuera, Matamata 3472, New Zealand (North Island).


Parking at Hobbiton

If you are self driving to Hobbiton – there is free parking at The Shire’s Rest available, and also space for camper vans and large vehicles.

Our Day at Hobbiton

Me and Sam visited Hobbiton with the Kiwi Experience bus whilst travelling from Waitomo to Rotorua, We were pretty exhausted from taking part in the Black Abyss in the Waitomo Caves where we saw cool Glow worms, climbed up waterfalls and shot down a flying fox in the pitch black where you were supposed to see the glow worms but I was so terrified I closed my eyes!!! That was the day before, and Hobbitons slow and fun pace was welcomed!


We were with our bus pals and all walked through the tour together, we all queued up and collected our Hobbiton Tickets form the Ticket office and had a quick look in the Gift Shop (there isa second gift shop at the end of the tour – so if you don’t want to carry posters, pens, Gandalf hats then you can wait until then to purchase). We then started our tour with our guide by driving from the Shires Rest to the Hobbiton Movie Set. As we walked through the seriously picturesque set saw various hobbit houses and different parts of the shire and the guide talked us through different aspects of filming, the challenges they faced and how they spent 9 months transforming the site into a film set! There is one Hobbit House that you can go inside and have a photo, you can go up to some of the doors but others you can’t enter.


Top Tip – There was a group ahead of us and one behind and if you want to hear all of the cool facts your guide will tell you (and the guides are amazing and so knowledgeable) Keep up with your guide. 

You will be able to find out all about how this beautiful location became Hobbiton, why it was chosen and about its incredible transformation.

I know you will enjoy Hobbiton, the Green Dragon Inn and Bag end! Have Fun! 

Love B x


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