becky skaterbecky sk8

I am 29 Years old, British and I love skateboarding! I am currently on an around the world trip, where I am exploring all sorts of wonders. I follow a Meat Free diet and I come from the Sunny South of England.




Like many people, I finished school and went on to University where I obtained a bachelor and masters degree in Science, Skateboarding all the while. Shortly after graduating I began my career working as a scientific Account Manager for an American multinational, biotechnology product development company, and whilst I found my occupation very rewarding and enjoyable, not to mention the fantastic people I got to work with (oh, and the salary), I have chosen to leave it all behind to begin my travels around the globe. 

I will firstly be traveling around South America, then on to New Zealand with my Best pal and younger brother Sam, then onto Australia where I have a UK Working Holiday Visa, then journeying on to Asia, before heading home to the UK.


To document my adventures, and pass on some of the incredibly useful information I have come across, that I have spent numerous hours researching  – I plan to use this blog to pass on my tips, and to keep in contact with my lovely friends and family back home, and of course all of the new faces I am having the great pleasure meeting along the way, updating you all on my whereabouts and to tell you all of my stories. 

I hope that you enjoy seeing and reading about my Journey, I cannot wait to share it with you.

Love B x


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