Hello from Huacachina! 

My first chosen location in Peru was Huacachina! Huacachina is located in the province of Ica and is a small town built around a beautiful oasis, surrounded by vast sand dunes. It has a permanent population of around 100 people, and is always sunny!

I travelled to the nearby City of Ica by Bus, I used the bus company Peru Bus, and the journey from Lima took around 5 hours and cost £12.50/50 soles. The buses from from Lima, are really regular, no need to book! There was individual entertainment screens on each seat, they offered headphones, a free snack  box which included a boiled sweet, pack of ritz cheese biscuits and a chocolate brownie! Bonus! They also served extremely sweet black coffee – I did not like this.

When Iarrived in Ica there was glorious sunshine – I grabbed a cab to Huacachina which cost 6 peruvian soles/£1.50 – the driver was hilarious.  As I approached Huacachina, the gigantic sand dunes began to appear, they are incredible.

I stayed at the Wild Olive Hostel which has been really nice, the beds comfortable, the bonus being the inclusive breakfast of eggs, pancakes, or omelette with a coffee and a pineapple juice!

Day 1 in Huacachina – I just chilled, the journey from the Uk to Lima had been over 20 hours and Huacachina is the perfect place to chill. I hiked up to the biggest sand dune and watched the sun set – it was so beautiful. I had some nice food in the Bananas Adventure Hostel, they have really good vegan and vegetarian options and also hammocks to sit in – a main meal and drink here will cost around £5.

Day 2 – Finally I got to go Sand Boarding and for a ride in a Dune Buggy, I had been thinking abou this for weeks, and it lived up to my expectations!! I would definitely recommend it – I booked the trip through the Bananas Adventure Hostel as it was the best value for money, the cost is £8.50/30 soles per person including the local taxes. It lasted for around 1 hour 45 minutes – Our group of 9 was driven through the sand dunes for the first half, and then we were dropped off to sand board on our bellys down massive sand dunes, we were then picked up and traveled back in the buggy to the town. I did the tour at 4pm which was particularly nice, because we saw the sun set, but the start was really sunny and nice.

Day 3 – Unfortunately some major roads in Peru on route to Arequipa were closed, so my plans changed – I headed to Paracas instead!

Huacachina is truñy amazing and I had such a good time there! If you get the chance, you should go and enjoy this beautiful oasis in the sand.

Love B x