Taupo and the Tongariro Crossing

Taupo is a Great Lake town on the north island between Rotorua and River Valley. The Lake is the biggest you will find in New Zealand, being the largest freshwater lake in Australasia and is roughly the size of Singapore. The lake is the crater of one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the last 5000 years. Lake Taupo is 159 metres deep!! How… Read More Taupo and the Tongariro Crossing

Coromandel – Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove

Hot Water Beach Hot Water Beach is located in the coromandel Peninsula on the West Coast, on the North Island in New Zealand. This extraordinary beach is visited by thousands of locals and tourists every year to experience the natural hot water beneath the sand, accessible 2 hours either side of low tide. The thermal area… Read More Coromandel – Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove